Monday, January 6, 2014

Personalizing Whole Brain Rules for Your Class!

What a great time it was-watching all of the kids coming back to school after the long holiday-something that happens every year. This year, the whole tone in the room was different. As the kids walked into the classroom, this is what they saw on the white board:

Now, if you read my blog yesterday, you will know that we started the second semester much as we did the first day of school. First, each child stood in front of the board with a mask. They were each given a rule that they had to demonstrate and then my husband, an excellent photographer, took quick pictures for me and had them ready to go by the time I was finished with my after-school work. Because I am not as good with the GIMP program as he is, it took awhile, but I have two pictures ready to show you.

This started our day with laughter and fun! Some were a little embarrassed, but everybody did it. A bonus for their posing-everybody gets a copy of themselves with a beard! (Thank goodness for photo sales at Walgrens!) Best of all, this activity led into a review of the class rules, just as we had done at the beginning of the year. We had a great day with no discipline problems!

This year, 2015-2016, I am going to up-date this. I found some photo booth props for $3.00 at Wal-Mart. This year, the rules will feature current students. One that I have planned will include big, red lips in front of a student's mouth for "Raise Your Hand Before Speaking." I am still working on what I want to use for my background. Any great ideas, please share!

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