Sunday, November 30, 2014

Whole Brain in the Multi-grade Classroom

Okay-for two years I have tried to incorporate Whole Brain education into my classroom, but it was hard because I have a special classroom. It is almost like the Little House on the Prairie classroom in that I teach grades 3-8 at the same time. Over the past two years, I have done some tweaking of the program to fit my needs and it is starting to come together.

First, I start the year out much like the regular Whole Brain classroom. We learn the Five Rules (Get your free posters here or here. Practice, practice, practice...just like Chris Biffle and his followers say.

When it gets to Class! Yes! it gets a little more difficult. My students have to learn that, at different times, I expect different responses. Class! Yes! gets the attention of the entire class and they all respond. 3-4 Class! gets a response from students in grades 3-4. 5-8 Class! gets a response from students in grades 5-8.

I have other little "multi-grade" ideas, little changes, that I will be trying in my classroom. Then, I'll let you know how it goes!

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