Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Using whole brain education isn't as easy to do in a classroom with more than one grade as it is when all of your students are first graders or eighth graders. I have found that some things are just really hard to accomplish, but there are some things you can do that work perfectly in the multi-grade room.

Class-Yes: Sometimes, I want the attention of my entire class. Then I use the class-yes routine. When I just want my fifth-graders, I say, "fifth-grade class" and, of course, the appropriate response is "fifth-grade yes!" Now, everyone else can keep on keeping on while the fifth-graders are paying attention to me. This is a modification from this previous post.

Super Speed Reader: This is great in a multi-grade room, because my students in any grade may be reading above or below level. I can pair kids up with better readers helping the struggling reader and they just think their are together because everyone has a partner. Super easy!

The Crazy Professor Reading Game: This is a noisy game anyway. Students reading in the same book simply work together and paraphrase their reading together. They all learn the gestures together.

The rules and classroom management are still working well. The kids will immediately quiet each other when I put a mark on the board and, when some kids just can't get it together, they accept that, sometimes, the marks are all about and only for them.

If you haven't tried Whole Brain teaching in your class, I strongly suggest you read the site or head over to youtube and check out a few videos. There are definitely benefits from this fun program.

Happy kids click art by cyberscotty

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